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Viton gasket

  • Sanitary Tri Clamp Gasket

    Sanitary Tri Clamp GasketSanitary Gaskets are used widely in the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and all other Sanitary Process industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. Approximate dimensions of STANDARD Tri-Clamp style gasketsRead More

  • PTFE Envelope Gasket

    PTFE Envelope GasketPTFE envelope gasket A PTFE envelope gasket has the chemical resistance of PTFE and the elastomeric characteristics of EPDM or FKM Fluoroelastomer. The PTFE envelope gasket meets FDA and USP Class VI standards. Approximate dimensions of TEFLON ENVELOPE Tri-Clamp style gasketsRead More

  • Sock Screen Gasket

    Sock Screen GasketSock Screen Gaskets Sock screen strainer designs are inserted into the I.D. of your stainless steel tubing and provide filtration for a greater soil retention. The extended sock shaped mesh gasket offers up to 300% more open area for 300% more soil collection capability than conventional...Read More

  • Tri Clamp Screen Gasket

    Tri Clamp Screen GasketScreen TC Gaskets Screen Gaskets Components are used in processing pipeline systems for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. The products are manufactured from FDA compliant EPDM, Viton, Buna-N, PTFE, and Silicone.Screen inserts are made of 316 stainless steel wire...Read More

  • Orifice Plates Gasket

    Orifice Plates GasketOrifice Plates gasket Our innovative Orifice Plate line includes a complete selection of solid PTFE, or a 316L Stainless Steel Orifice Plate molded to a elastomer, in standard, tabbed, and vertical Tri-Clamp styles, that can be custom drilled with an eccentric or concentric bore.Read More

  • Vertical Orifice Plates Gasket

    Vertical Orifice Plates GasketVertical Orifice PlatesRead More